A parenting plan can often be the most difficult issue to resolve as parents separate. The Blonska Firm works with their client to effect a plan which will be for the best interests of the children, while still promoting the parents’ ability to maintain a relationship with the children, including frequent and continuing contact with them. Of course, where the best interests of the children would be impaired by spending time with a parent who, for a variety of reasons, would not provide appropriate parenting, then we help our clients in adjusting custody plan toward the better parent. These issues are often emotional, and can have a lasting impact on the permanent relationship between parent and child. It is therefore important that an attorney be chosen that is aggressive, sensitive, and effective.

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Custody cases are grueling. It is no accident that they are called “custody battles.” The only way to go into a custody case is to prepare for the fight of your life. Any conduct less than saintliness that relates to the children may come out in courtroom testimony. No other litigation is more draining. Custody cases are probably the most expensive area of family law litigation.

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