When you find yourself in need of a family law attorney, the selection process can be stressful.  Most of our clients are referred to us by their business attorneys, our former clients, other trusted advisors such as CPAs and financial planners, or family members.  We recognize that even though we have earned the trust and respect of the individual who refers you to us, you will need to feel comfortable with us.  Your divorce may be one of the most intense and important events of your life. Trust and compatibility with your lawyer are very important.

It is also important to us that we feel like we can represent you and protect your interests.  Our intake process allows us to carefully consider whether or not we can appropriately allocate our time, which includes limiting taking other new cases and managing existing cases, so that we can fully commit to giving your case the time it deserves to see it through to completion.

Online Bill Pay

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A retainer agreement will formalize our professional relationship. The retainer agreement is for our mutual advantage and protection. The agreement we sign will detail each of our obligations during your representation. The specific terms and fees are partially determined by the facts specific to your case.

Our ability to represent you depends on your providing us with complete and truthful information. We rely upon the full and complete truthfulness of the information you provide to us so we can prepare your case, develop a strategy, and work with you to determine the best course of action for you. Failure to provide full, complete, and truthful information, including withholding from us any negative information about you or issues in your case, whether you think it is important or not, will likely have a major negative effect on the outcome of your case. We think of our clients as family, and we want the best for you.  To help us accomplish our goal, we require your continued cooperation in this regard.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to the ethical practice of family law.